End this LUNACY and get us OUT of the EU Dictatorship!!!.

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An outspoken French Minister has called on Britain to loosen its immigration policy to ease the pressure on guards at Calais, caused by immigrants waiting to enter the UKM

The French Minister knows full well that France is supposed to process claims of asylum seekers who are required to claim asylum at the earliest opportunity, so yet another attempt by the French to pass on their problems to the UK.

“the idea was that the UK would evolve and develop its immigration policy”. What this means in plain English is that an unofficial agreement was reached, so that Britain would eventually relax the rules and let in all immigrants . They were hoping that they could achieve this by allowing the furore to die down and then quietly open the gates to the UK. They now realise the opposition in the UK to any further immigration, and the French are now trying to coerce the UK into an open doors policy. Mr Valls, Non.