I was once very very proud to be be British,

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Romanians are being arrested in London at seven times the rate of Britons

The greatest crime of all is why this seem to be a surprise to the “authorities” who govern us. These criminal activities are now blighting even relatively remote areas of the English countryside. They come with the sole purpose to take advantage of our culture, tradition and hospitality.no-eu-diktatur

And when the Romanian authorities provide assisted passage to get rid of all their undesirables they will all come to the UK. Harriet Harman and co will welcome them with open arms! You have been warned.

I was once very very proud to be be British, but do you know what the Common market that we voted for back in 1973 I believe it was, was only meant to be for trading purposes, not giving up our sovereign rights as a nation and handing over the laws of this country to EU judges, the country of my birth and the one that my grandfather,father, and uncle fought for has officially gone to hell in a handbasket