What a load of disingenuous political hyperbole !

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‘ Speak English or lose benefits, warns Iain Duncan Smith’

This is just tinkering at the edges.
There are still 200000 Roma and 400000 Bulgarians and Romanians here, we still have half a million immigrants coming in each year, London is still 44% white Briton now, our housing, infrastructure and public services are still crumbling because of uncontrolled immigration, social cohesion is now an issue and Britain has lost control of its borders.immigrant-queue

Smith and his merry band of castrati cannot even get rid of the immigrants that have been CONVICTED of rape, child abuse and terrorism. Are we honestly expected to believe that some bleeding heart liberal civil rights parasitical lawyer is not going to take this to that bunch of eunuchs in Strasbourg and have this adjudged as being against this effluents’ “human rights” ?

It is also time the UK stopped providing translations and interpreters for those who do not speak English. As far as I am aware, no other European country provides such a service.

This is a disaster for Britain and it is the fault of Liblabcon.