Nearly three times as many BBC staff have been sent to cover Nelson Mandela’s death. Unfortunately for us they came back

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” Nearly three times as many BBC staff have been sent to cover Nelson Mandela’s  death ”  unfortunately for us they came back & we will have to continue  paying excessive wages & pensions for the  Bolshevik propaganda they churn  out

What a waste of time and money! Nowadays, with all the news agencies and other  technologies available do we really still need all these people on a “mission”  who does nothing else but to repeat the same things and comments on and on again  . The BBC supposed to spend our money wisely  instead of overdoing only for  their political goals!!

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Well, what do you expect? With endless amounts of money extracted from licence  fee payers, we already know the BBC is grossly overstaffed, so one would expect  them to send more staff than any broadcaster would need to cover one event.  Don’t they do the same at Glastonbury? And it was Nelson Mandela after all, one  of the BBC’s favourite poster boys for their right-on, politically correct world  view. (Whether Mr Mandela would have agreed with them, I cannot say.) As for  ‘the most significant statesman of the last 100 years’, by whose measure  exactly? Mr Mandela ‘freed’ black people of South Africa, and a quarter of a  century later, they still live, pretty much, in the same poverty and social  deprivation as before. I’m sure he was thoroughly disappointed by that, but  according to some left wing activist at the BBC, he was still ‘the most significant statesman  of the last 100 years’. Well, of course, if the BBC say it, it must be true.  Mustn’t it?