Would those doctors put up with maggots in their living rooms?

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‘ Inspectors carrying out first spot checks of family doctors in England find maggots in treatment rooms and queues so long that patients brought in stools to sit on’

If the Westminster mob and the state bureaucracy and quangocracy insist on running Britain as they would a third world country do not be surprised at third world consequences.

Would those doctors put up with maggots in their living rooms?poorstandards
I think this result, and these GPs, are part of a huge problem in the NHS, and that’s the attitude of doctors generally towards their patients, that’s us.
In the same way that far too many people think treatment is free because they don’t hand over cash to the GP, forgetting that we all pay for it with our taxes, in the same way the GPs are disconnected from us because they get their money from “the NHS” rather than from us personally.
One step in the right direction would be to let us, the patients, choose which GP to go to, and to let us change them freely rather than have to go begging to bureaucrats.
Well, we have only ourselves to blame – we have learned to hand over our money to the state, and receive crumbs back, gratefully, because we mustn’t grumble. Meanwhile the whole NHS is more suited to the Third World.

The nine practices found by the CQC to have the most serious failings were:

Nye Bevan House, Rochdale, Greater Manchester; Norris Road Surgery, Sale,
Greater Manchester; The Wolds Practice, Tetford, Lincs; Kingshurst Medical
Practice, Birmingham; Northfield Surgery, Doncaster; Dr Satish Patel,
Newtown, Reading; Long Street Surgery, Wignston, Leicestershire; 63 Lincoln
Road Surgery, Peterborough; King Street Surgery in Burton-on-Trent. All were
ordered to make urgent improvements or close.”

Does anyone want to guess where the large majority of this lot received their medical training ?