News for you Sir. You won’t be voted back in as prime minister. Your record is abysmal.

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David Camaron  has revealed he keeps a “little black book” of policies blocked by the Liberal Democrats

I am really sorry to burst your bubble Dave but it is weak leadership, not listening to what the public really want and being out of touch with the British people that has held you back.useless
What a loathsome creature Cameron is. He deliberately sacrificed minority government followed by a swift election and the return of a Conservative Government because he preferred the socialism of his liberal soul mates to proper conservative principles. There is much he could do, in challenging Clegg’s posturing, preening and demanding, instead of which he does absolutely nothing. Why? Because at heart he IS Clegg. It is only when true conservatives reach the stage of open revolt that Cameron trots out this pathetic line that he would have done otherwise. Who is shovelling Overseas Aid as if there is no tomorrow? Who is destroying our Armed Forces? Who insisted on crusading for Gay marriage? Who is presiding over immigration chaos? Cameron deserves to go down in history as the man who destroyed the conservative party just to boost his own ego.