Its a Cast Iron SCAM.. Cameron will never give an IN OUT REFERENDUM

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I don’t mind that Cameron is a fool but I do resent the fact that he is trying  to take us for fools as well. Contrary to his statement that he cut the budget  all that was achieved was supposedly a smaller increase and the commission has  already asked for more money to pay existing commitments plus a Camaron 5supplementary  amount on top. Activate clause 50 and start from the premise we are leaving and  then negotiate a trade agreement via EFTA. Cameron will come up with a set of  fig leaves which will actually change very little and then lie through his teeth  to get a yes vote. Britain Out of the EU and Cameron out of British politics is  the only way forward

I make the point yet again. We no longer have democracy in this country, what we  do have is an EU sanctioned government party with three faces to give the  illusion of democracy. That is why the EU gets what the EU wants irrespective of  who is heading up this farce. When the new Lisbon Treaty is enforced in November  2014 we will have allowed the last of our autonomy to be removed and the oldest  democracy in the World will cease to exist.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media