Tower Hamlets. “It really is Britain’s first Islamic republic”

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British people should begin to construct or renovate a building and start trials of their federal and more regional politicians over what they have done to that once great country. They should hold the trials even en-absentia but they should hold them and use the best defense and use of real criminal law and see what happens.I would start with treason as a charge and work my way from there.

Comment from a reader

Unfortunately Tony Blair revoked the laws regarding treason over here so that’s a no go.

I live in Tower Hamlets and it’s unrecognisable these days.

There’s also an anti alcohol march planned for this Friday (Dec 13th) in Brick Lane led by the self appointed “Muslim Patrol”

What can we do? The law is against us, our Politicians are against us, the media are against us the straw that breaks the camels back isn’t too far away but it will be us that suffer, not the self appointed elites.

Our country and the West has started the spiral into Marxism hand in hand with the Islamists. I fear a Balkans episode in the United Kingdom, fully supported by the Authoritarian EU.

We’d like common sense, our pride and our country back.

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