Extremism now belongs in the past?..Tell that to the 3000+ white farmers massacred on South African farms over the last fifteen years


You try telling that to the 3000+ white farmers who have been massacred on South African farms over the last fifteen or so years. Or the many more black and mixed race peoples who have been murdered for nothing in townships.

South Africa will continue on the path it’s been on since Mandela came to power.map-south-africa
A tiny minority of blacks will continue to rule their own people with an iron fist that makes the Apartheid government pale in comparison, stealing the gold and diamonds as they force their own into abject poverty through forced labor, murdering any black who dissents from the status quo, the genocide against whites will continue, and eventually South Africa will resemble every other hell hole in Africa in which black dictators rule over the populace.

What on earth will C4 and the BBC do once this hideous sobfest finally ceases?We have at least another 12 days of leftie self indulgence before the bereft luvvies can find another non-white paragon of virtue.

Meanwhile Sgt Blackman starts his minimum ten year sentence to appease the gutless liberal elite and their so called moral high ground. Armchair generals, judges and politicians who care nothing for the boots on the ground or the country that they fight for.

The perfect symmetry of hypocrisy that happened today is like some form of sick joke.