Starving London helped by foodbanks.

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By Kevin Layzell: A police guard to go about doing charitable work and helping the hungry? No this isn’t Syria or the Middle East, this is East London.

The East London branch continued to help the elderly and vulnerable by supplying them with food, hot soup, hot food and hot drinks as per usual – except this time there was a twist to the happy tale.
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We had police officers turn up to the food bank who had been called by members of the public in an attempt to discredit or disrupt the party’s good work; but never before have we had the pleasure of a police van filled with around eight or so police officers to watch over the food bank, simply because several activists had announced on Facebook it was going to be upgraded to a whole new level and it was feared that left wing activists were coming to destroy and vandalise our property.

The improvements made to the food bank were a gazebo to prevent the elements reaching the donated food and to try to keep the activists warmer as they dedicated several hours of their time on a very cold Saturday morning, as well as a generator from which a speaker system was set up so that we could loudly play Christmas songs as well as other nationalist music.

Not a single person travelled through that town without seeing or hearing the good work of the British National Party.

Hundreds of tins of food were given to those in need and thousands of leaflets were handed out to the members of the public. Our presence in these areas is becoming so well known that people are purposely going out of their way to buy shopping simply to donate it to us to keep us going.

At the end of the day, almost £150 had been taken in donations in a single morning! The food bank will be continuing due to the dedication of the activists and the donations we have received.

Thank you all.