Goldman can do whatever it likes, we want to take back control of our country

Goldman would “drastically reduce” its London operation, If UK quits the EU.

As reported in the Telegraph

Don’t you just love it, Marxists and Banksters, blackmail democratic elected governments. I say Marxists (EU) and Banksters( Goldman Sachs) as they are one and the same. One breaths in for the other to breath out, they are that close, they are one organism, and they want our destruction.
So does the Pro-EU Lib/Lab/Con-spiracy, and they will do nothing to save us from GoldmanSachsOfficesthe tentacles of this Marxist monster.
If you want freedom, democracy, and home rule for our country.
Just vote OUT and put a stop to this vile disaster.
Talking about disaster, they would shift to the Euro zone, that proves it’s blackmail.
Although they would be at home in Frankfurt.

Perhaps you should know of the incredibly strong Goldman’s French Connection. It is measured in hundreds of billions.

It was Goldman’s whom Chirac used to entice the Greeks to abandon their drachma and join the euro.

It was Goldman’s who, through a long series of twists and turns, lent French money to Greece so that Greece would hand over their National Projects – on a plate.

It was Goldman’s who warned Chirac – and Societe Generale, Credit Agricole and Paribas (which accounted for about 90% of French banking) that Greece could not repay and France must not rely on the EU Commission (controlled by France at that time) to raise taxes directly to repay the Banks.

For the City to lose Goldman’s, is a bit like losing the EU Commission’s offices.

Fare thee well Goldman’s – au revoir. You will not enjoy France more than you already have. Dirty Banking is Dirty Banking – well – anywhere.