We need a return to the stiff upper lip and balls to the liberals.

The lack of courage from the Political and Civil Service classes to interpret EU regulations in favour of our own people are the cause of these problems…
The Germans would never consider ordering rolling stock for their Rail system from another country, but we happily do, as the Bombardier fiasco proves..
The MOD orders 4 supply tankers from South Korea for the Navy, because they have to be open to tender, because they’re not classed as Navy ships, as they have no weapons….the rest of Europe would have asked for a machine gun mounting (£35) to be part of the “Spec”, and kept the work in their own Country..Truth-and-Lies
The Bulgarians last month, banned purchase of agricultural land by Foreign owners, which is illegal under EU rules, all Mercedes Benz cars use an illegal fluid under EU rules, the Italians passed a law to halve the pay of Foreign University lecturers but maintain it for Italian staff, the French refused to lift the ban on British Beef for years after the EU demanded it’s lifting, and then refused to pay the fine…
There will be hundreds more of these examples…
Here are some figures that people might like to contemplate when saying that immigrants are more hardworking and that British are ‘lazy’. 80% of all new jobs created in this country go to the immigrants, that’s OFFICIAL. What’s also official is that the GDP of this country, before this invasion of immigrants started was 7th in the WORLD, these immigrants, ‘work so hard’ that the GDP of this country, since they invaded us and took the jobs, has FALLEN to 19th place in the GDP stakes in the WORLD. In other words, the output from this country has fallen 12 places in the WORLD table since the immigrants were given the jobs the BRITISH used to do. To my mind, that blows a dirty great hole in the propaganda that the BRITISH are ‘lazy, bone idle, scroungers’ and that it doesn’t take Einstein to show WHY in the 20

YEARS since the Wall came down they are still as poor as they were under the Soviets! Their whole mind-set seems to be ‘something for nothing and do as little as possible for it’. They have imported that mind-set with them. How can anyone with an ounce of common-sense say different? Otherwise their own economies would have roaring ahead full steam with out the need to up sticks and live off the backs of another country’s hard working tax payers. Add to that the Polish Prime Minister boast that the economy of Poland is ‘growing at 1% per year due to the amount of money being shipped back home by those working elsewhere in the EU’ (his words, not mine) and you have a disaster in the making, because that 1% is being stripped out of other countries economic growth, mainly THIS country, while WE have to make do with a supposed 0.08% growth no matter HOW many jobs WE create or how hard WE work!

The British Public are full of resentment, and rightly so, but, being the ‘nice civilised people’ that we are, we will try to remedy the situation at the ballot box first, if that fails then it is only going to take one small incident for the foreigners in this country to finally realise just WHY our National Emblem is the Bulldog and to wish they had never set foot in this proud and peaceful country and tried to lord it over us, because it WON’T be pretty