Our common law, is a collection of centuries’ worth of accumulated wisdom

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A barrister practising in commercial law and one would perhaps have expected that his legal research primarily involved the common law, the collection of centuries’ worth of accumulated wisdom. Unfortunately, more and more of his job is taken up researching the latest EU directives, which are invariably poorly drafted and have little or no guidance. In numerous areas we have replaced a clear and carefully developed rule, with an unclear and bizarre rule that is designed to suit France or Germany. When you dig even deeper you find out that the rule is often applied differently in each country and each case (since most European countries do not have a system of precedent).pic_part_time_law_degree_london

In other words, the EU is not content with ignoring the rule of law itself, it is actively seeking to undermine the rule of law that we have established ourselves, at great cost to British companies who have to try and comply. This is one of the many ‘unseen’ costs of EU membership.

“Put simply, it’s this: the EU makes up the rules as it goes along.”

Put even more simply, the EU is a criminal enterprise. That is what criminal enterprises do.

And this is why the EU is so dangerous and so corrupting to everything it touches, the entire set up is designed to bypass and ignore the rule of law, it is a politicians paradise. The EU sees itself as master and above such petty constraints as obeying the law, a democratic state can only prosper when it is held to the same standards expected of its constituents, the EU is setting itself up like a Mafia commission. If we had any sense we would keep the EU at arms length or better still not touch it with a barge pole, we are already seeing the corrupting effects it is having on our own political and social institutions.