Major : after The Maastricht Treaty you should disappear into the wilderness

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Britain will pay a “severe price” if it votes to leave the European Union, Sir John Major has warned

Typical scaremongering from the only politician to make Cameron look effective

What rank rubbish Mr Major – what you really mean is that you politicians will pay a severe price as a consequence of your gravy-train hitting the buffers.

What a sad attempt to drum up support for the insupportable, by which I mean both the EUSSR and your traitorous colleagues. One might have thought it a good idea to keep schtum and preserve what little is left of your tattered record of poor judgement.


“He backed David Cameron’s strategy of renegotiating Britain’s membership
before staging an in/out referendum before 2017″

Are you really that naive Sir John? Do you honestly, really believe that Cameron can renegotiate our position in the EU that will have any lasting effect whatsoever?!

Can you not see that any renegotiation will be totally & utterly pointless & futile, as mission creep later will bring the inevitable further integration into a federal Europe when we will lose our sovereignty completely?!

I want my country back! NOW!