The whole parliamentary system in the UK is a joke

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And the truth of this is that most politicians, and their class, dislike their electorates. They think we are suspicious, racist, populist, tribal, prejudiced, dim, bolshie, dissatisfied and a lot of other pejoratives. They don’t trust the electorate and are forever trying to change opinions even going to the extent of punishing us for holding certain views they disagree with

I like watching PMQs. I like to look at Labours front bench and shout “traitors” at them every week. They really are a bunch of awful thieves, liars and hypocrites that will thankfully never harm this once great country again. Unelectable Egg cheers me up every time we get a dorky reaction shot – bless him! He’s got a “That’s not fair” look like he’s about to cry. Since when was politics fair Egg? Ask you brother. All Cameron does is tell him the truth (ish) and point out their hypocrisy and disastrous record in a mildly witty way..”.

Of course nobody ever gets to question the Commissars of the EU. They never appear before any organisation or body to justify their decisions. They never take questions from journalists, and just hand out press statements or read from pre-prepared statements and then depart in grand procession. A bit like the Politburo of the USSR in fact, which is apt given the Maoist beliefs of the Commission ‘President’. The fact that we still have PMQs is remarkable given the authoritarian steak that the EU is advancing all over the Union.