This is all one big Con

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It is not a democracy when you vote with people who should not be in the Country.

This is all one big Con ……… it is infact population swapping , 250,000 mixed nationalities swap out for 150.000 Brits leaving. This country is a real Joke, It will spell doom for the UK and doom for the tories in the net election

why is net non EU immigration more than zero. we are full up. if the cause of this is students, well why when they finish their courses, are students allowed to stay here. all non EU immigration should stop. there should be substantial bonds accompanying visas for people from the 3rd world, and all asylum applications should be dealt with in another country, preferably a 3rd world country, to whom we pay their government rent. in a reciprocal agreement with all EU countries, benefits should match benefits received in the immigrants home country

Why is so hard to just shut the flipping door. Nobody bar a tiny minority want more immigrants, yet here they come. What use is a democratic govt when it either ignores the will of the people or is too incompetent to carry it out?

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