The great global warming swindle was meant to save the planet

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Climate science went from an underfunded backwater to a lavishly funded Prima Donna given the Holy mission of saving the planet, the money poured in by the billions. And if man made global warming was disproved the lavish funding spigot would be turned off and a great many ‘climate scientists’ would have to look for other work. It doesnt take a genius to work out the self interest angle in all this does it? We have been comprehensively lied to and betrayed, embezzlement of public funds on a scale never seen before leading to poverty and misery and increased deaths in our ever colder winters. Can we have our money back please?GREATglobalWARMINGswindle

The alarmist industry tried every trick in the book to tell us that ‘the debate is over’ and no wonder they tried, the holes in their theory were huge to begin with and only sustained by the liberal use of flawed and rigged models and lashings of propaganda scaremongering. Now we see no warming for 17yrs, we see CO2 increasing and global temperatures showing a recent declining trend. Lets not forget the BBCs role in peddling the great global warming swindle, it worked incredibly hard with green ecomentalist fanatics to pour out ludicrous scaremongering pseudo science by the ton and it has yet to retract any of its mad claims.

No warming since 1997 – WARMIST FAIL

Everything we were told was wrong or hugely overstated, we were sold a lemon and it has cost an insane amount of money and its all been for nothing as the climate goes its own way as it has for hundreds of millions of years. Cutting a harmless plant food at great cost has not lowered atmospheric CO2 not least because 95% is natural, we have had all pain and no gain and all for nothing. Carbon trading, a price on a plant food, shutting down real power stations to slash a plant food on the orders of the EU. The foundation of the global warming fraud was to present a common enemy that the world could unite to fight, a made up chimera used as a tool to create and empower a new world order built on a pack of lies.

The great global warming swindle was meant to save the planet and ended up costing the earth and at the end of the day a few people got rich, the essence of a confidence trick.