The truth is – the truth must not be spoken

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Rape – ” A thoughtless trend than compares the worst of life in the UK with war zones or the third world”.

50 plus years ago and more, girls were much safer in this country which was mostly homogenous racially, the few odd balls were quickly noticed and dealt with by the parents of the few victims. This is not the situation now, where under the cosh of Political Correctness, victims families are ordered to “Value Diversity” or else. 

We’ve witnessed around 20 trials in the last few years of those charged with grooming and raping young girls here with at least 55 more cases being investigated or prepared for possible trial.

How many here would classify Sweden as a ” War Zone” or say it was the “Third World”? Same goes for Denmark and Norway too. {you tube-muslim rape epidemic}.

In 1975 the Swedish Parliament voted unanimously to turn their racially homogenous society into a Multi-Culti one. 38 years later {2012} these are the consequences.

Total reported crimes from 27,140 to 114,106 increase 320%
Rape with extreme violence from 768 to 6,324 increase 723%
Robberies from 2,338 to 9,213 increase 294%

Attempted murder from 170 to 798 increase 369%
Attacks/bodily harm from 21,518 to 87,052 increase 304%
Attacks/deadly violence from 124 to 239 increase 93%

Swedish population growth from 1975 – 2012, 16.2%.
As white people become the new ethnic minority here by 2050, will this trend increase or decline ? What kind of Society sacrifices it’s young to the interests of it’s political agenda ? Will repatriation be required ? These are the questions.

Can the British Establishment be trusted to recognise what’s going on ? Do they even care, or is the dictat of a multi-culti EU agenda too strong to say NO to ?

These next 18 months are our “Waterloo” for us white Brits, we either turn our backs on those who betray us or lose our culture and country.