UK consular staff abroad, have failed to protect a single British job from Bulgarian (and no doubt, Romanian) immigrants

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It’s not just Bulgarian immigrants we have no restrictions on. We have had no restrictions period for anybody on the planet. You can come here illegally and not get deported – use the NHS . claim benefits, everything. We insanely have no checks whatsoever on immigration. That’s why indigenous people are now in a minority all across the country.

There are reported to be 2 million migrants from these countries in Southern Europe including Spain where there is already huge unemployment.  What is to stop them moving to here to an infinitely more generous welfare state and where employment prospects aFotor112410268re better. That’s quite apart from all the ‘new’ migrants and Roma.

The immigrants coming to the UK know exactly how to sidestep benefits restrictions, they know their rights better than we do, how to present to present themselves in the exact manner required to gain immediate emergency welfare, hundreds of thousands have already done it and they pass that knowledge onto those coming in. Your average Roma family in a Bulgarian slum who cannot read or write or speak English knows how to present themselves to the housing office for example. The welfare system is a magnet for those who are unable to look after themselves, and will never be anything but a drain on the services others pay for. A proper government would know this and would put in place a strict regime of border control and immediate repatriation of undesirables. What the government is doing is nothing less than high treason and the effects of their weakness and blind obedience to their EU masters will

This is nothing less than a  horrid crime on the people and forefathers of Britain become all too clear as British tolerance is abused to breaking point