Paul Fromm. Fighting for free speech.

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On Friday 15th in central London a large enthusiastic crowd gathered for what was an inspiring meeting with Canadian political activist and founder of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Paul Fromm.
Paul provided a fascinating insight into the growth of mass immigration, and the associated destruction of free speech through the introduction of ‘hate speech’ laws, and political correctness, from a North American perspective.  We in Europe tend to think of PC and ‘left wing fascism’ as being a European, or even UK based movement, but Paul was able to show that this is a worldwide phenomenon, which is out of control in his native Canada.


Paul started from the premise that the situation we are in today has not come about by chance:  There has been a concerted effort to destroy white culture, and emasculate the power of western nations by orchestrating the invasion of people from the third world.


His speech, which was well informed, highly entertaining, and full of amusing anecdotes, showed that:

  • In the mid 1960s immigration policies began to change throughout the western world, to allow the ethnic balance of the populations of white nations to change.  This was the beginning of what was to become the on-going ethnic cleansing of white indigenous people in formerly white homelands.
  • At the same time, ‘equality’ and ‘human rights’ laws began to appear which created ‘privileged minorities’, and put the indigenous white population at a disadvantage.
  • To prevent public resistance to the immigrant invasion, anti free speech ‘hate speech’ laws were introduced which effectively stifled all opposition.  It has only been recently, for example, that the contribution to the economy of immigration has been questioned, with studies showing that, in fact, in Canada, it costs $25 billion a year.
  • An interesting example of the ‘absolutely psychotic nature’ of the forces of Political Correctness, was the action taken in the Canadian courts to prevent the execution of the will, left by Robert McCorkill, a nationalist, in favour of the US based anti immigration organisation, the National Alliance.  The Southern Poverty Law Centre,  and Jewish interest groups challenged the will on public policy grounds,  using,(or misusing) every aspect of the law at their disposal, and with some success. It seems that there is no aspect of life in Canada, even the leaving of a will, that these people will not interfere with when trying to push forward their genocidal agenda.


During a lively Q&A session, Paul shared more of his views on the media (like a soap opera, telling the public who is ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and the failures of the Canadian legal system.

While it was uplifting to find people of Paul’s calibre on the side of Nationalism, and his explanation of how campaigning by his organisation was victorious in causing the repeal of the infamous ‘Section 13’ anti hate legislation in Canada, which is grounds for hope, he did say, (and it is hard to disagree with him on this) that substantial change will only come about through a revolution, or a major crisis, such as the collapse of the world financial order or similar. I hope, for the sake of all of us, that he is wrong.


Lucy Anderson