She has been trained in the dark arts of totalitarianism.

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Headmistress brands schoolchildren racist

As reported on the BNP website

Its the arrogance of this head teacher that is most telling and most frightening. She has been trained in the dark arts of totalitarianism and then given her position of authority. She tolerates no opposition. She knows that she has an absolute right to indoctrinate the children at her school with her chosen world view, that she shares with the governing classes who appointed her. She has the arbitrary freedom to impose a punitive life sentence on any parent and child who dares to disobey. There can be no alternative taught to the next generation as her mind set is absolute (although she would name this as ‘relative’, just to disguise the dictatorship).She owns the school and all the staff and pupils in it. The parents are a nuisance at best and the enemy to be defeated and eliminated at worst………what have we become?