Renegotiate with the EU! This would be like trying to get a leg of lamb back from a starving Rottweiler. It just won’t let go.

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There is no way that all of the rest of the EU will agree to the UK’s demands. It would require ALL of the other members to agree and the scrapping of most [ if not all ] of the Treaties. Why should they agree to anything that may / might / will disadvantage them ? You are either in the ‘ Club ‘ or not , It is not an a la carte menu where you can pick of choose. Any renegotiation would take years and would require mandates from all the members – It’s just not going to happen.page1

The Treaties require ‘ ever closer union ‘ , a fact obscured from us by all PMs , especially the traitor Heath.

Cameron is just playing for time or just doesn’t know what he is talking about.

If Cameron is genuine, and intended anything other than sham negotiations why would he publicly discard his strongest negotiating card prior to the commencement of negotiations by stating he was not prepared to take Britain out of the EU.

Whilst a large majority of the British electorate could be accurately described as apathetic and are unlikely to be stirred either way on the issue by vacuous promises from a serial liar such as Cameron, those who are concerned and take an interest in national and political affairs will not be sucked in, by any talk of renegotiation by Cameron and his desperate inner clique. They are using this renegotiation charade in a vain hope of reversing the flow of support to UKIP, because they now realise that their party has lost so many supporters, thanks to Cameron, that the Conservatives are history in 2015.
The voters can see through Cameron’s opportunist offer of a referendum in 2017 following sham re-negotiations post 2015, and enough of us are sharp witted enough to maintain the impetus of other parties and ensure that Cameron is consigned to the dustbin of history by June 2015.