What we need are real values: the same values that built the British nation

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Left wing corruption, is rife in our society. The lefties have destroyed anything that was good in the countryEthics-cloud

“If we have a diversity policy, a green energy policy, a communities policy, then we’re being ethical” and add onto to that for a bank to invest in hair-brained “sustainable” energy projects because they’re “ethical” then you score 100/100 for ethics.

Real ethics is a bit old-fashioned these days. It means doing things honestly, openly and with accountability to the shareholders, employees and customers. Politicians rarely had it, but their bent sense of ethics has made it across into “industry”, or rather what we rather euphemistically call “industries” of banking, retail, services and other operations which skim wealth off rather than creating it.

What we need are real values: the same values that built the British nation to become what it did before they started selling our souls to the devils in Brussels, values based on real personal freedoms balanced against the needs of a civilized society, without needing “codes of ethics” based on political correctness

Talking of ethics, or the lack thereof, I see Dominic Grieve has crossed the rubicon of political silence about the unethical communities in Britainistan. Naturally we are not allowed to comment on this sudden awakening amongst our masters in the Establishment, or at least one of them, about what we have long known, and long suffered, and threatened with draconian race relation laws to keep schtum about.

I expect the lefty Labourites who are largely responsible for this dreadful state of affairs are incensed about their inability to shout ‘racism’ on these boards too!

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