The mainstream media’s stranglehold on the political narrative

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The mainstream media in this nation has completely and totally abdicated any semblance of objectivity, independence and desire to inform and educate.  Instead it descends into biased propaganda designed to meet the political agendas of a given organizations leadership

In the BBC

In their own words

When people ask for evidence of an institutional Left-wing bias at the BBC, this is the place to go for evidence. Out of the mouths of Beeboids….

The BBC is “a publicly-funded urban organisation with an abnormally large proportion of younger people, of people in ethnic minorities and almost certainly of gay people, compared with the population at large”.

All this, he said, “creates an innate liberal bias inside the BBC”.

Source Biased BBC

Never before has it been so important to have independent, honest voices and sources of information. We are – as a society – inundated and overwhelmed with a flood of information from a wide array of sources, but these sources of information, by and large, serve the powerful interests and individuals that own them. The main sources of information, for both public and official consumption, include the mainstream media, alternative media, academia and think tanks.

The mainstream media is the most obvious in its inherent bias and manipulation. The mainstream media is owned directly by large multinational corporations, and through their boards of directors are connected with a plethora of other major global corporations and elite interests BBC-bias-alert

The BBC is rabidly pro-EU – and, totally contrary to its Charter, which demands objectivity in news and opinion reporting.

Years of media and institutional misinformation and propaganda has programmed the people into mistakenly believing that because the majority gets to select representatives, that they must therefore  live in a democracy. The people have bought into the notion that a democracy is a system defined by having certain freedoms and, when you consider that the UK does not even have freedom of speech as a point of law and, that the majority of the UK people believe that we live in a democracy based upon our [non-existent] freedom of speech, you start to see just how effective and successful  this particular propaganda campaign has been.