Sweden a country on the edge

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As reported on the BNP website

Welcome to Sweden of today

By Shetlandman-We bring to you today a thought provoking video concerning the suicidal actions of the Swedish government that will guarantee them to lose control of their country to Islam.

Sweden is taking in more immigrants than ever before, especially Muslims. Sweden was once a land of hope, where a high standard of life could be had, with an extremely low crime rate and a strong church-going nation.

Now continuous Middle Eastern conflicts along with fake asylum seekers and many Islamic Africans, has made Sweden is a major destination for these people. Sweden now has an increasing crime rate, its welfare system is collapsing, rioting happened during the past summer in Stockholm when immigrants from certain neighbourhood caused major damage through arson, along with fighting with the police, this went on for nearly a week.

This is not the image of Sweden that many of us grew up with. Sweden is a country at the edge of massive cultural change that will never see this once proud nation regain its image.

Sweden is not alone when it comes to immigrant rioting. In France this year Muslims in neighbourhoods in Paris and the South of France rioted, set cars a light and fought with police.

Such are the actions of failed diversity and fake multiculturalism.

Wake up Europe, wake up!