All the tories have to offer, presentation politics, gesture politics, focus group politics, PR spin.

The Tories’ obsession with their ‘brand’ patronises voters by treating them as shopper”But this is all the Cameron led Tories have to offer, presentation politics, gesture politics, focus group politics, PR spin. The current government is nothing more than a local

Lies concept.

executive working for the EU and allied with their libdem friends they have become a social democrat centrist party of the kind that infests Europe.

The UK government has no real sovereign power now, almost everything it does must be passed by Brussels and its policy compliance and enforcement officials, we think of our PM as having authority but in fact he is a mere functionary in place to carry out the w


ill and instructions of his masters in Brussels. These charlatans have one job, to further and support the move to direct rule from Brussels.

A PM who has no real power, a coalition completely and legally bound to work for the interests of the EU regardless of the damage it may do to the UK, no wonder they rely on presentation and spin and their stooge lickspittles in the media. The EU governs and their pathetic vassals have to obey while trying to create the illusion that they are in charge of events when in fact they are mere pawns. The Cameron regime has no more real power than a local council, that is the reality that must be hidden at all costs.

The grand plan, a common purpose and a common agenda and a common goal. The destruction of the UK as a free sovereign democracy. Our wonderful nation is earmarked for destruction and its future as Europe’s rubbish tip a wholly owned and operated EU dumping ground.

What despots over the centuries failed to do by war our own ruling class establishment is doing by stealth, for them there is nothing else that matters, apart from their own enrichment of course.

The explosion in gravy train non jobs, an extremely generous state making sure those in a position of influence are bought off and lickspittles put in place. The state knows how to reward its stooges alright and they have a great deal of money to do it.

The only conclusion is that the entire establishment is a nest of dirty traitors headed by the likes of Milliband/Clegg/Cameron. We have not seen a more unsuitable moronic and flawed leaders and there is a very good reason for that, the grand plan demands it.