So this is the ‘great EU’. All friends together. Member states at each other’s throats

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But we were told by the Eu that all wars will cease when we become members

Considering what Lab/Lib/Con have done to our Navy I’m surprised we got anything left to shoot with.

What this is all about is creating another conflict to divert attention from the real issues. It’s the Oldest trick in the book. It suits both Cameron and Rajoy down to the ground.
The entire world is on the brink of another massive conflict which will probably be the smokescreen for the international banking cartel to engage in the final stages of wealth confiscation and bring in their new world order.
I mean, as if a Spanish boat is going to seriously mistaken for a terrorist, whatever the definition of that is these days anyway?? It will just be used as another excuse to stir things up.EUCCP

Just like Argentina with the Falklands, Spain’s Govt is attempting to give the masses something other than it’s own incompetence (and irrelevance) to worry about.

The situation in Spain:

Devastating property value collapse

Record loan defaults

Banks kept afloat by huge ECB bailouts,

National debt exploding from 36% to 92% of GDP (and  rising) in just a few years

Europe’s highest unemployment rate at 25.3%

Europe’s 2nd highest youth unemployment rate at 56.1%

800,000 fed by food banks

5 years of more or less persistent recession

Current GDP ‘growth’ of 0.1% after nine successive  quarters of decline

GDP per capita more than 20% below Britain’s and the gap’s widening.

A birth rate almost 30% below Britain’s and still falling- what future can a country with those demographics have?

A 4th rate higher education sector. Britain has 31 universities ranked in the Top 200 in the world (behind only the USA). How many does Spain manage? ZERO.

The Spanish Government is stirring up trouble in Gibraltar to distract its population from its failure and from one of the worst economic situations in Europe (and that’s saying something)