Voter apathy. If God had intended us to vote, He’d have given us worthy candidates!

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Didn’t someone say that if voting changed anything they would ban it? The pity  is that in this country we are not politically miyouth-parliament-vote-countnded. Every election the  majority just troop to the poll stations and vote for the same old lot. What is  even worse is that the politicians know this so they just keep feeding the same  old garbage. I have lost count of the number of times I have been promised a new  beginning, or words to that effect

The concept of Britain being a democracy is just an illusion. We are in fact a  one party state with the party dividing itself into three ‘teams’   Every five  years we are given the opportunity to elect any one of these three but to coin a  football phrase it is merely politics by ‘squad rotation’.  What we get is a  team with different faces who play a slightly different game but who are  effectively still playing for the same club with precisely the same objectives.  Judging from the comments I read on this forum it’s heartening to see that most  people are now beginning to see that we’re all being conned by a political elite  who pursue a shared agenda but which we the public are not privy to

We’ve had years of cr@@p from inept politicians that tell us we have to suffer  austerity but do not do themselves and have even been clamouring for a pay  increase of 11%.  They take claiming allowances, expenses, employing family  members and flipping first and second homes to maximize their expenses to new  levels….how can one of any age not be disillusioned with our politicians.