Is the North facing race riots again? A curfew is in place on the streets of Sheffield, but nobody appears to be paying much attention.

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“Whole extended families have moved over, fleeing from the prejudice and
hostility” NO! Stop demonising countries in Central and East Europe! Gypsies can work, go to school and do what they want. The problem is they want lay in bed all day long and have money for making more and more children. Now they discovered british paradise so moving here and behaving like in their “old” countries.CURFEW

Those that loathed living under soviet rule would of never imagined that the seemingly unstoppable and unbeatable power would of crumbled – but it did. Our elite is now losing control, loosing in the war of discourse, (which is patently obvious in this thread) and basically delegitimizing themselves by holding onto ideas which are patently against reality. When the economy finally falls, and it will, then new vistas of possibility will be open to us, allowing us to decide our destiny. If not for you, then fight for your children, your family and your people. I’m young and I’m telling you this: It’s not too late.

Yay, the benefits of multiculturalism . . . Thank you Mr Blair and all the people who voted labour, you’ve really enriched the UK.

The best we can hope for, is that the Asians and eastern Europeans keep the violence in the slums