When you enter a civilised country to rape a child you must expect to be expelled without delay

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When you enter a civilised country to rape a child you must expect to be expelled without delay. It’s clear that Britain has simply abandoned any claim to civilisation and instead allowed a law of the jungle to take over. I don’t imagine anyone of its ordinary citizens granted permission for this change: instead successive governments have colluded behind their backs to bring it about.Kangaroo Court

The Home Office and the justice system are facing new questions about their handling of a paedophile failed asylum seeker, who is poised to receive a large compensation cheque from the taxpayer

He is dangerous, burdensome, culturally incompatible, he has no useful skills or attractive qualities. He is your typical 3rd world immigrant. And traitor politicians have allowed them to pour in by the million

When a Government and the apparatus of state no longer represents or serves the people, then it is time to remove them by any means and replace it with something else.

The cowardice and inaction of the British people; their failure to hold their Government to account means your children are growing up in a country that is nasty and brutish; without any genuine rights and without any means of redress for their grievances.

Nothing will ever change by simply voting. The entire system is corrupt, dysfunctional, and self-serving

There is no longer a Britain, it has now well and truly gone. What did our forefathers fight to protect in the wars? Did they fight for the land and politicians we have now? It make you very sad and sorry! Human rights be dammed!