Blunkett, you sold England down the river. Ex-Labour Home Secretary warns of race riots over the Roma influx in Sheffield

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Who asked for this? Just who the hell do these politicians (of ALL 3 main  parties) think they are, to be changing the identity of OUR country forever,  against our will? What ever happened to democracy in the UK? Voters need to put  their personal interests aside and vote for BRITAIN this time, for the sake of  our children and their future

House of Treason

House of Treason

All Immigration must be stopped now. We are bursting at the seams, everything is  collapsing all around us. With 660,000 immigrants on the dole, with 1 million of  our young people who have never had a job. We hardly make  anything anymore, so we  definitely don’t need any more economic migrants, anyone who can’t see that is  indeed seriously deluded. Hardly a day goes by without more jobs being lost, I  cannot see a future here for our 6  grandchildren in the country of their  birth.Our useless Government’s have allowed the corrupt EU to take control of  our borders. The sheer madness and stupidity in allowing unlimited and unchecked  immigration to continue beggars belief. Stop voting for Liebore, Libdemons and  Con-artists, they no longer act in our interests, they have ridden rough shod over  us for far too long, collectively they have brought our once great country to its  knees