More pro EU rhetoric

As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this.

If there is one thing I hate about Obama is his attitude that he can blackmail this country with threats of removing money. What right has he got to interfere with the democratic processes of this country? What a lot of people want is out of the EU and back to a trading agreement with the EU not to be controlled by unelected bureaucrats who are lining their own pockets. So but out Obama, we don’t tell you how to run the USA, mind you looking at the mess you’re in maybe you need some advice. Maybe you should never have got involved with sub-prime lending then maybe you wouldn’t have the problems you have now. Or exported so many jobs overseas the list is long and as the sign on President Truman’s desk said “The Buck Stops Here” so maybe you should take on his motto and fix you own countries problems before make threats or handing out what you think is advice.


Would the Americans adheres to joining a political union with all the Americas, with not directly elected president who is not an American citizen, who parliament is on say, Uruguay, and who’s laws must be enforced, but without any representation, and finally pay through the nose for the privilege? No? Thought not. So why expect us to want that ‘union’.


Threats and blackmail from our supposed “friend and ally” eh, this pathetic attempt at scaremongering makes me want to get out of the EU (a DICTATORSHIP) even more!.