Le Figaro said loss of confidence in the French government is turning dangerous,

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How can this be?  The EU is a paradise and the very best form of government.  Cameron, Milliband and Clegg all say so.  It must be true.

The French problems are nothing but a blip.  Of course the massive tidal wave of Roma and Bulgarians heading for the UK will just be a little blip.

Luckily our dear rulers will not have to suffer one tiny bit and the costs will be carried by the poor and middle classes who will be delighted to pay for the cost of EU idealism of UK politicians.  The French look like they just can’t wait to join in the real fun of paying for the EU misrule.

We are lucky people to be able to pay to support such a wonderful, ignorant, medieval, anti-democratic, foreign government.  What a clever idea it was to lie to millions whilst their rights were sold down the river by corrupt, selfish, arrogant, immature, socially excluded (cut off) child politicians.

The EU is a disaster and is built on lies.  It cannot rule or make good law because it is absolutely useless at information flow and is peopled by ideologues who think listening weakness and that they know everything, without having to listen or take any facts or reality into account.

To this extent, they appear as wrong headed as the last days of the Soviet Union.  The real foreigners are not Rompuy, Barrroso or the hundreds of thousands desperate Roma and Bulgarians, the foreigners are the MPs in Westminster.  They think our rights to a vote of any meaning can be eliminated so making all other rights meaningless because we will not be able to do anything to protect it

We shall extract a brutal and swift revenge.  They have no idea what is coming their way.


Lets not forget that it was the French elite that forced the Germans into giving up the DM and joining the euro in return for French support for German reunification. Well the French  elite got what they wanted and the result one of the strongest economies in Europe has been transformed into an economy with all the economic power of a pea shooter. Italy Spain the big economies of Europe apart from Germany are all basket cases and what we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of a   an overregulated, over indebted, uncompetive, undemocratic elitist project, whose support across Europe is crumbling.t revenge.  They have no idea what is coming their way.