A spectacular mistake on immigration: Straw finally admits

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House of Treason

House of Treason

Immigration wasn’t a mistake by Labour, but a contrived plan to a) Drive down the cost of wages (something they recently admitted), despite championing a living wage for all. b) Broaden the parties voting base of ‘dependents’ (like the public sector and union members). The idea was that immigrants would vote for the party who allowed unfettered immigration, gave housing priority and doled out generous welfare allowances. c) Undermine and destroy British culture, tradition and heritage (something the Marxists in upper echelons of Labour hate with a passion), creating social friction and upheaval, then building a socialist utopia upon the ashes.

So, after sending this country to war with Iraq on the basis of inaccurate evidence, NuLabour now admits it opened the floodgates to mass immigration that will change this country for ever on the basis of inaccurate evidence. The arrogance and blinkered ignorance of Tony Blair and his political cronies has left a terrible legacy.

A mistake, that’s an understatement. But when I listened to Milliband’s last speech on immigration he just used a lot of weasely words, underneath the Labour Party is still wedded to open door immigration. In just Suffolk it frightens me just how much of the countryside is disappearing under non stop urbanisation, villages are being completely changed by modern housing estates and agricultural land is being given over to industrial (distribution warehouse) estates. Even in the towns, gardens are sold off and houses jammed in. All the time it’s really the green belt that is being built on. We don’t need immigration and I ask myself where will it end and politicians face up to the unsustainable population crisis facing this small country. The answer, never.