If Germany had held a referendum there would be no euro

“A German popular vote on the euro or a eurozone related policy is the nightmare. If Germany had held a referendum there would be no euro. Everyone is profoundly aware of that fact,” said an EU official.British businessman breaks the euro with a baseball bat

There really could not be a more blatant admission that they have no popular support for what they have done and continue to do.  Utterly shameless.

very interesting … the only difference between UK and Germany, is that Germans “politely” discuss the issue – and allow it some air AND the concept of regular referendums is also mooted ( after all, we’ve had secure banking for 10+ years – but apparently we cannot trust a simple and cheap on-line voting system)
The UK shout about things – make empty promises, ridicule or beat-to-death suggestions of simple , modern, democratic alternatives to the Bullingdon Club System – and generally piss down the necks of their own people.