Euro-sceptics ? Don’t make me laugh !

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The Tories have always been united on “Europe”, or to be more precise, the EU. They took us in and they intend to keep us in – nothing they’ve ever done says otherwise.funding-the-eu

What really angered the “Euro-sceptics”, was that this proposed amendment exposed the fact that they’re not keen on having a referendum at all. Much like the mantra of “ever closer union”, they’re happy to play the lucrative role of the “sceptic” ad infinitum ; democracy would bring it to an end.

You sick b*stards play politics and pursue your pathetic personal ambitions or squirm in terror at the possibility of rejection by your constituents when Britain is falling apart by the hour, people are being harmed and murdered by criminals and terrorists we won’t – not can’t – deport and our country has been Occupied by foreign gangsters no one voted for and you expect anyone to take you seriously?!

Honestly you people deserve all you are going to get at the polls and I hope you all have even one grain of decency or one working brain cell to understand your crimes and your dereliction of duty and feel shame and horror at what you are doing to OUR country.

Selfish, underperforming and totally out of your depths – do Britain a favour and p*ss off!  We can’t afford any more of your failures, your sedition and your kowtowing to EU gangsters one more day!

Wait until the chaos from the Romanian Gypsies takes off and the already crumbling NHS gets inundated with extra demands.

Wait until the Bulgarian Mafia overtake the Romanians here to the extent that there is hardly a safe ATM around the land to use without robbery and violence somewhere close by.

Wait until the Social Services and the reduced Police are drawn to stretching point and many of your newly laid off soldiers emigrate rather than joining the Reservists here, choosing instead to go to Australia, Canada and the USA in their thousands.

Keep up your good work Cameron. Maybe you’ll get a medal from your Communist buddies in the EU?

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