A state built on lies is a state that will be destroyed by the truth.

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Sooner or later the southern countries will need to pull out and devalue and go back to their respective currencies – this is now unavoidable.

Lies concept.The fundamental responsibility for setting up an anti democratic organisation that has deliberately lied to hundreds of millions about its plan to destroy nations and create a superstate is with those who supported it and continue to support it today. Germany appears to support the EU as do the foreigners at Westminster.

Perhaps Germany is, indeed, innocent of this disaster because German politicians are as dishonest to their people as UK politicans are to us. The EU is a state built on dishonesty and, in effect, arrogant lies. It has a problem with reality because it does not like listening; in the end it will implode in its own self created impotence caused by systemic ignorance.

A state built on lies is a state that will be destroyed by the truth. It is only a matter of time and how much we will be forced to pay for all this. The German nation is as betrayed as the UK. A whole political class has done its best to destroy our rights and turn back the political clock by 200 years to an ignorant and radically undemocratic time.

Events will find them out just as all ignorant leaders are eventually brought down by the march of facts, reality and the truth. The German Nation and the UK have exactly the same job to do; we must thrust truth, reality and facts down the throats of those who stand for rule by ignorance and those who loathe democracy.