If the UK has black outs, you won’t hear a squeak from the eco loons

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Not enough energy, not enough housing, not enough water, grid lock on the roads… but keep the doors wide open and the people rolling in.


We are collectively to blame for electing a bunch of useless politicians to run the country. Tony tricked us into two wars, his chancellor “fat” brown crippled the economy for the next 10 years. Did they do their JOB? The answer is no, they left the energy question to fester because it isn’t front line material, shallow politicos with no real love for the country or ability to shape it’s destiny. Ed Milliband, Cameron and all the LibDems were really made from the same cloth, not a single useful idea between them, just look at them still supporting that white elephant HS2, throwing away 80bn, while the country freezes.

Their energy policy is a joke, no rational being can support the insanity of building 10,000 (or so) wind turbines. Well lads, they keep telling you. an industrial country can’l function on wind energy, but do they listen? They failed their Geography, are unaware that London is near latitude 51deg, sun energy is 70-80% lower than on the equator, yet they persist in building solar farms, ye gods, these people have a PhD in wasting tax payers money.

It was our collective stupidity that allowed 18 years of “rule by popinjays”, talkers who ignored the real challenges this country is facing. Let’s hope that we would be wiser next time.