How the **** does one misspend £5.7bn?

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British taxpayers are liable for over £800 million of misspent EU funds as   Brussels error rate increases by 23 per cent

New World Order (NWO) - world in chains

In many ways we live in sort of re-run of medieval, feudal times.  Our lives are to a great extent governed by tens of thousands of unelected, cretinous officials in a foreign land who live both the life of Riley and in an environment of immunity from prosecution.  We pay for it, whether we like it or not: taxation without representation.  Quite for how much longer the peoples of Europe and the UK will tolerate this, remains to be seen.  My own view is that the next decade or two in the European Union will be characterised by crushing, systemic economic contraction – the inevitable result of the socialist-fascism that defines and describes the European Union.

When sufficient human beings across Europe start becoming hungrier and colder by the year, the demise of the European Union will be accelerated.  For this much, we can only hope. Certainly we can’t vote to change anything.  Like I said, a sort of re-run of medieval, feudal times.  The bizarre thing is that the British political and corporate classes think that the European Union situation is truly wonderful and must be retained at all and any cost.  In fact, it could end up killing us (literally in some cases).

It is inconceivable how any organisation can spend £6,000,000,000 in error. It is inconceivable how any organisation can get away without accounts being approved for 19 years running It is clear that there is massive fraud going on in the EU at our expense It is clear that the EU is corrupt It is clear that they have no intention of clearing up this mess It is clear they are not fit for purpose

Yet……. The Common Purpose trio – Dodgy Dave, Calamity Clegg and Wallace Miliband all believe in this nonsense.