Communists and socialist promise everything until they get control and then everything changes

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Replacement level third world mass immigration/ Feminism, the breakdown of the traditional family structure/  hyper equality /  hysterical egalitarianism , Racial and Relgious Hatred speech Laws , Neo-anti-racism , ( code for anti-White ) –is just Revolutionary Bolshevism, Trotskyism , and Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism –repackaged and tarted up with cutsey sounding semnatics , and reintroduced through thé back door . Their Long March Through Western academia and all of the cultural and political institutions of the West is now complete . This is the reason for the deafening silence .

”  You can always tell when a belief systen has become totally hegemonic , when its adherents deny its existence  ”  —- Karl Marx .

It is a less obvious, less violent and brutal form than Bolshevism , and far more subtle and sophisticated .  It seduces rather than compells .  It works now in cahoots with Geo-Political International Finance and Global Capitalism .  The percieved common enemy of both is the Western nationalist movements.

a) They always claim Communism has never been practised as Marx intended no matter how many times they are overthrown
b) They claim  mass murders committed by communists/socialists in Eastern Europe,Spain,China, East Asia and South America is all a capitalist lie
c) Socialists and communists claim that communism is as democratic as the western democracies,
d) There is no difference between communism and fascism
e) Stalin and Hitler were so similar they signed a co-operation
f) Do you see food queues and food shortages in the west as you saw under communism?
g) Did you see car ownership, holidays abroad, variety of clothing, as you get under capitalism
h) Do you see the tens of thousands of political prisoners in democratic countries as you saw under communism?
h) Did you see the freedom of movement under communism as you see under capitalism.