Oslo police: “We have lost the city”…

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Oslo is experiencing a tsunami of robberies these months, and according to the police, all robbers have a foreign background – many of them are Somalis and Moroccans. According to Oslo police, all rapists have an immigrant background.

“Sturla Nøstvik ( 36 ) sensed no danger before he was beaten in his forehead with a gun. It was the start of a 50 minute long hell as a hostage. The robbers became insecure and threatened Sturla to make him say that the robbers were not dark-skinned, but white. Sturla assumes they are of Somali origin.

Women are raped in the night in Oslo, the amount of robberies is increasing fast. In the last ten years, more than 4,000 people have been robbed in the Oslo center and Greenland (Muslim dominated area) area, mostly by young men.
Sturla Nøstvik is robbery victim #351 in Greenland this year alone, while in the same period more than 50 rapes in Oslo have been reported. Police visited Sturla Nøstvik when he was at the emergency room for treatment after the robbery . …. He is blind in his left eye, so he is so glad it went did not go worse. The cut in the forehead is just above the healthy eye.
The police told me that everyone has a right to feel safe, but they are unable to prevent robberies. ‘We’ve lost the city’, they said.”