So congratulations, Britain. We’ve created a single megacity that’s unaffordable for our own citizens,

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21houseSo, we are getting stacks and stacks of hugely expensive but empty status symbols that might serve as bolt-holes when the rats desert their own failed countries or flee from their own taxman.

In the meantime property prices inflate into a massive bubble which will probably hurt us far more than it hurts them when it bursts.

When these people wake up to their very own Brixton style riots on the doorstep and a labour government that declares a Hollande/Cable style wealth tax on “mansions” at least the indigenous people may get a hollow laugh.

A property bubble is not London growing, it’s a symptom a a world gone mad with wealth in the hands of the robber barons again.

They can take their petro-dollars and their Russian mafia money, their city bail-out billions, their dateline globalist spoils; and they can go jump in Old Father Thames.  They are not my people.  They cannot have my people’s capital city; they cannot buy England by the pound.  We shall take it all back from them, and they will take the loss.

Globalism can go hang.  It is the life and land of the English that matters.