Why do the main stream media hate the British?

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

Why are people trying to lay the blame on EDL for everything. They did not start this. They care about what happened to Lee Rigby they don’t want people to be allowed to get away with this. They know that the government is too cowardly to act incase they are branded racist (and lose votes). At least they have some backbone rather than tiptoeing around issues. Extremists want to attack us and they want to kill us fact! Id our parents/grandparents had been afraid of upsetting people imagine what world we would live in right now…..in fact wait and see because if we carry on the way we are they it will be alot worse than it every would of been previously. Hopefully the English will grow a spine before it happens!


I am getting really sick and tired of the DM’s anti-EDL reporting. I was there … they were not throwing bottles thank you so get your facts straight. They are anti-terrorism and anti-extremism. They did not de-face war memorials. They are proud to be British so why in the world would they do that?? I am not part of the EDL but I support people that want to make a stand against these people … we all know the time has come where voices have to be heard above the radicalisms!!!! Now please … don’t refer to bottle swaggers or beer drinkers as bad people, and start reporting facts please as it is boring now! We want real reporting!!!!

very strange that a bunch of beered up football hooligan types who ultimately have not hurt anyone, other than “offending” because they represent basically some of what English people are thinking, get more bad press than the terrorists or the “vast majority of decent Muslims” who never seem to march the streets showing their disgust. This country encourages nationalism in every other part of the UK and seems to invite criticism because we are not allowed to defend ourselves with anything other than liberal sound bites. Maybe it is enlightened thinking, self flagellation for the empire, maybe our leadership think the assimilation of new multi-cultural English will replace the old ethnic English dragging the rest of world into its own progressive version of racial utopia. There are a lot of things that may be right with that but you cannot have a UK where you are encouraged to be actively pro-Scottish, Muslim or whatever, but deny the English majority a cultural identity or voice

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