If Ralph Milliband wanted Britain to be Communist then by definition he hated Britain

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Ralph Miliband obviously did hate Britain, if he wanted it to become Communist; the absolute history, culture, and archetypal ethos of ‘Britain’, is fundamenally Capitalist, and vehemently opposed to Communism.
But let’s actually look at what Communism is; it is basically an ordered ‘file’ of drone workers, that by the command of the bourgeois ‘rank’, are maintained by a Marxist Timocracy. Where the ‘person’ is ‘directed’ to become Proletariat pupae, of which, is droned to Communist ethos, to ‘aspire’ to bourgeois status; all controlled by the Marxist doors, eyes, & union-jack boots. Marx suggested the ‘workers of the world unite’, simply to give them a common cause; to let them think they had moral worth in their community; and this drove dreams of ‘feminine’ acceptance, (as Hitler would say), so, yes, they did see themselves as workers united, but the Marxists seen them for what they really were, as insect scum!

It’s all for nothing because the trade unions, who were supposed to be the Communists, are f**kin pig-thick stupid; they do the bidding of their Marxist bosses, then lose their jobs, houses, families, etc because the Marxist-Zionist Corporatists must control all forms of everything; Capitalism only being the outward economy, where-as, the physical, (as you described in your essay here), is also controlled through military-style indoctrination to desensitise the corporate body of the human condition, with sensory dissonance. Have you ever noticed how the bureaucracy has ‘gotten’ so intolerable, rude, ignorant, insincere & impolite? All part of the ‘re-education’ of society.
Those that espouse Marxist theory, are too stupid to realise they are only functioning their own demise; like lemmings, happy to jump off economic, moral, ethical, cultural, and spiritual ‘cliffs’, to ‘join’ the malicious mantra ‘workers of the world unite’. It’s a con; Marxism is the most harmful entity of Man; it cannot extinguish Capitalism, because Capitalism is a Natural gift of God, not a pseudo-contrived issue of Man! Marxism is Man at its worst; Capitalism is Nature at its best. The most beautiful things come from Capitalism; a new-born baby cries for the tender touch and nurture of its mother, and its mother tends to her Loving cup with a free, and fair exchange of ‘goods’. This happens in all of God’s Creatures; because it’s a Natural entity of Good. What is ‘popularly’ known as capitalism, is of Man’s making; not God. Marxism is a Man-made evil too; just watch how Labour lie to us about everything, and people believe them, and stupidly vote for them; evil!

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