There isn’t a housing crisis, there is an immigrant crisis.

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What we do have is an IMMIGRATION CRISIS that the LibLabCon government refuse to deal with…both EU and NON-EU immigration is TOTALLY out of control

The reason — the ONLY reason we are being brainwashed into excepting we need millions of new homes is because we are the hosts, reluctant and currently acquiescent hosts to over 1 million people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.


All the illegals, the bogus asylum seekers and those who have avoided detection and thus far are occupying, let’s say, “accommodation units”.


Why else is the price rental accommodation is so ridiculously high? Local authorities are becoming the major clients of short term (a variable interpretation) accommodation in the major cities. No wonder young couples and students, etc have major problems with it.

It’s far cheaper and politically effective in the
medium and short run to proclaim major housing initiatives. After all, this
gets the construction companies and the labour unions onside because it
promises more employment. Ignore the fact that many of those will be even more
EU immigrants, not British workers. It’s good politics. It also ignores and
tries to mollify the instincts and wishes of British people. What’s left of

There isn’t a housing crisis, there is an immigrant crisis.
The only reason that they’re calling it a housing crisis is because the above is true and it’s now the middle classes feeling the Anaconda squeezing them and not the white working classes,who are to all intents and purposes, dead
They need to put a name to it don’t they, this “housing crisis”
Housing Crisis will do for now but that isn’t the reality is it?
If you’d listened to Griffin on Question time in the early 2,000’s instead of Chris Hulne (jailbird).Straw (Warmonger, son of a conscientious objecter,brother of a registered sex offender, Marxist Agitprop etc…) Bonny Greer (Racist agitator) Dimbleby (BBC schill) and that other unmentionable then maybe we wouldn’t have this “Housing Crisis”
You only really have yourselves to blame for keeping your mouth shut at polite dinner parties don’t you?
My advice is,say what you think.
They can’t arrest everybody can they?