imposing the green levy on people’s bills actually prevented cuts. Is he for real? Does he actually believe his own bullshit?

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Scrapping green taxes would increase energy bills, says Nick Clegg

As reported in the Telegraph


“…imposing the green levy on people’s bills actually   prevented power cuts because they paid for investment in alternative   energies.”

Is he for real?  Does he actually believe his own bullshit?

And what’s with Cameron : “And as for green   levies, they should not be there for a moment longer than are necessary.”

How long is necessary? What criteria are in place?  Is it when the number of dead pensioners reaches 100,000?

When are Clegg, Milliband and Cameron actually going to listen to the people?

Probably never.

I just got my combined bill from British Gas and on it they detail the cost breakdown – 37% for wholesale price, 26% for transport of power to property (including huge new cost of attaching wind farm to the network), 13% operating costs, 19% government green taxes and 5% profit so I guess all those screaming eco lefties that keep shouting about energy companies profiteering either don’t pay power bills themselves(because mummy and daddy or the state pay them) or they wilfully choose to ignore the facts that energy prices are so high because the biggest costs on them are basically for connecting up wind farms and paying green levies(and even the lazy authors of these articles seem uninterested in the facts – BG tell me in writing the tax is 19% which is virtually double the 10% you are claiming and I am sure there is no way they can print such information about government charges if it is factually wrong – the Daveys and Cleggs of the world would be down on them like a ton of pink liberal excrement)
5% profit is peanuts in the world of commerce and whilst it is a steady return,  it is hardly ‘bleeding the customer dry’. The trouble we have here is that the left liberal media and in particular the BBC and politicians have been allowed to peddle an outright lie to either cover their own actions or deflect attention from the consequences of their ideology. From now on I think we should campaign to have the 19% green levies renamed as the Miliband tax because it was he as Energy and Climate change minister who started it and he who is now shamelessly trying to deceive others into believing otherwise