Axe green tax or energy bills will go up every year for a decade.

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The man made climate change tax scam has to stop!

Its not only trying to fix something that isn’t broken, its destroying the economy by draining consumer wealth, its killing the elderly and the poor because they can’t afford to heat their homes – a situation that will simply get worse and cost ever greater number of lives.

If that isn’t sickening enough, we have wind farm owners, land owners and other countries getting incredibly wealthy for producing very little electricity on the backs of the poor, elderly and over burdened tax payer.

The icing on the cake is the lies and manipulation of the politicians who not only implemented the legislation but benefit from all this greatly.

Its the biggest scandal of the 21st Century. They should be hanging their heads in shame!

Ed Davey and DECC should be removed, tomorrow, they are responsible for most of this Greeniot nonsense, as well as Millibrain who started it in the first place £17,000,000,000 of renewable subsidy, authorised by Mr Millibrain, BTW

Axe the green taxes now!  There is now no argument for them – we know there is NO imminent catastrophe from so-called global warming, so there is no need for these taxes.  At a stroke the Government could cut our cost of living – £110 off our energy bills; £100 of four holiday flights; and cheaper fuel for our cars.  Cutting the taxes would also save the lives of those that die of the cold during the winter.  Just get on with it

This LUNACY has to stop, ideally t