Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll leave the EDL

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No news but list of recent comments made by ordinary people in the in the media.


  • Burn a poppy in protest, no problem. Protest about the people burning poppies in protest, arrested. THAT is why Islam must be laughing in the faces of every soldier who laid his/her life on the line for us
  • Democracy does not exist if you cannot express your views, no matter how others perceive them.
  • What annoys me right, is that you can be as left-wing as you like BUT God help you if you have right-wing/nationalist views. This kind of PC environment WILL lead to an uprising of Facism in Europe again. History always repeats itself.
  • Well Tommy you have more balls than this government put together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • imagine if the edl now get an get a university educated man or woman in charge someone who can give rousing speeches, that really would put the cat amongst the pigeons.
  • The EDL were the only ones to protest about the burning of poppies. The government and the judges condoned it. Long live the EDL.
  • Probably quitting because as soon as the EDL kick off anywhere they get arrested as the designated leaders. Can’t blame them for quitting really, if you oppose an ideology that’s fine, protest is also fine but violence will only get you locked up.
  • Not many people have the nuts to say what tommy has been saying about the muslim extremists, every time he was being interviewed he always got soft liberal lefty twonks to run rough shod over him !!
  • Minority groups banding together to Crush Right wing minded people who are
    entitled to their own opinion are themselves Nazi’s, YOU are taking right wing
    peoples right to speak, Demonstrate and gather for peaceful protest away and
    replacing it with Islam, Black crime gangs, Eastern European Metal Thieves
    Muslim Paedophiles, mass unemployment of “British people”   Tories/Lib
    and Labour have conspired with “Higher Forces” to flood Britain with Immigrants
    and put them before British Tax Payers, wont get away with it for ever, everyone
    has to pay for there crimes, eventually, ask the Last load of  Nazis
  • There you are people. Immigration wins, and our citizens of our once lovely UK lose.
  • It’s a sad day for freedom, England needs people like him to let us remember we are free, to make us think, or we would drift into no mans land, the word racist is said against him, but he is not, he just loves his country and is not a coward to say what most of us are thinking ! so as yourselves this when was the last time you stood up for your right and that of your fellow Englishman, or just sat in the corner with your thumb up your #$%$? you need to see the light sometimes
  • Maybe he feels like many people do, that the politicians are working to their own blind agenda and whatever protest is made, it is ignored. Anyone who expresses concern, suddenly becomes a Nazi, the people accusing them being those that actually support what is effectively an Islamic religion that is far closer to Nazism, than those to whom the allegation is directed..
    Labour have never apologized for their devastating policies on immigration and those in the party that supported it are still around, so it hasn’t gone away
  • I find it strange that every time something minor happens with the EDL Tommy Robinson gets arrested, and yet the EDL have not murdered, raped, and have no paedophile rings nor do they have any terrorist affiliations.  maybe they should the British government would welcome with open legs,  i have no political affiliation,  am just really tired of the one sided view that the EDL are thugs,  when they have been only gaining members as a result of the Islamic murders and violence.
  • there we go then Britain, all the guy done was get harassed constantly, the cops have obviously got to him!! the government win, now sit back and watch the rapid Islamification of Britain, that’s what the government are after, Britain to be Islamic!! feckin disgusting, but its cool as Corrie is still on TV, you can all sit in and hide away from reality
  • At least he had the courage to stand up and say ‘This isn’t right!’ Islamic marches, where the demonstrators aggressively call for beheadings and death to the UK are protected by the police – just look on you tube – type in Islamic hate marches. The EDL on the other hand are stopped and arrested whilst trying to lay a wreath for Lee Rigby. The charge? Inciting racial violence. Two men and a bunch of flowers. Unless the people of this country begin to make some sort of stand we will be lost forever and in 100 years the UK will be Islamic. Think I’m joking? look how many kids they give birth to
  • The quilliam foundation is just another ‘anti-extremist’ group which carries water for alqaeda and all other leftist extremist groups.
    The EDL is not extremist despite the usual smearing it gets and is no threat to society, the groups which quilliam support most definitely are a threat.
  • I’m really sad to hear this I was quite proud of them ,they took a lot of #$%$ for us who believe in freedom ,I don’t care what anybody says they are  very brave men and ,its a sorry day for Britain
  • Oh, God forbid that we English should want to defend OUR way of life in the face of constant attack by the great unwashed.
  • He’s probably fed up with the death threats, he already lives under 24-hour police protection