National Grid warns the risk of power shortages this winter

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National grid status

The Climate Change Act should be repealed    period.

It was Red Ed’s Bill:

On 16 October 2008 Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, announced that the Act would mandate an 80% cut overall in six greenhouse gases by 2050.

He thereby decreed the economic destruction of UK competitiveness – and condemned countless thousands of elderly and vulnerable people to death by fuel-poverty induced hypothermia.

The lights will go out.


Len McCluskey is now in total control of the elected marionette .

That power that will come from the continent if we run out will come at a very high price, we will be held to ransom once again. There is ample energy beneath our feet, at least three hundred years worth, COAL and we should be opening coal fired power stations not closing them and be totally energy independent.

This just sums up successive governments failure to plan for the future. They  are only interested in the next election. The long term planning of these thing  should not be in the hands of political parties or private enterprise as neither  have the good of the country at heart.

This government and the other part of LibLabCon before it have spent years  conning us with their ECO plans which are now proving to be useless.  The energy  companies have increased our costs every year on the basis of investing in  infrastructure to prevent blackouts.  So the government rob us, the companies  rob us, and once again no one is held responsible.  If this is what green  policies are about you can keep it.  I’m getting a wood burner and a diesel  generator.



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