‘ Carbon tax too expensive’, says industry’

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And whilst all this lunacy is going on, power stations continue to be shut because of this carbon floor regime, reducing our base load capacity, and putting us in real threat of power cuts in the event of a severe winter

And all the talk of a dash to frack will come to naught if we have no gas fired power stations available to use the gas. Yesterday it was announced that the gas fired power station at Wilton on the Tees, built a mere 20 years ago, and capable of producing alone 3% of  the  electricity needs of the UK, is to be removed from its current mothballed status and demolished.  The lunatics have really taken over the asylum.

“We shouldn’t put British industry at a disadvantage against Europe and the US: for our manufacturers this would be assisted suicide,” Michael Fallon, the energy minister, said last week.”

Then why did the government introduce the carbon floor tax? Is this government losing the plot?

While the UK has to pay £16 per tonne of CO2, Europe is paying about €5 (£4.23). It will increase to £30 in 2020 and £70 by 2030.

The government has already stated that green taxes are adding £112 to a yearly dual fuel bill of £1,267.

Camoron has shown himself to be a man with no understanding of how manufacturing works. But then, what do you expect from a PPE graduate.


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